What To Expect


Together, we humbly come before God, knowing that life isn’t perfect, and neither are we. To us, worship isn’t a performance; it’s an outcry of our hearts to our creator. It’s okay if you don't have the perfect voice. It’s okay if you don’t know the words to the songs. It’s okay if your kids get restless. It’s okay if you feel like your life’s not together. That's not what it’s about. Worship is about laying our hearts - our fears and worries, our defeats and victories, our sadness and joy - before God and simply saying: I. Am. Yours.

What To Expect

Before: We have parking lots and entrances on either side of our building ready to welcome you. Guest parking is available in the East parking lot.  You’ll find our coffee bar and an excellent opportunity to connect. You can find more info on childcare.

During: We like to keep it simple. After our countdown finishes, you’ll find a mixed worship style and teaching based on scripture. We aim to make this a time of growth, whether this is your first time visiting a church or you’ve been a churchgoer all your life. Childcare is available during the service for children from birth through 3 years old. 

After: Stick around to talk; we love making new friends. Feel free to connect or learn about upcoming events at our CalvaryLubbock.life booth. Community Groups begin at 11. 

When we Meet

Sunday Morning Celebration

9:30 am 

Sunday Community Groups

11:00 am

Our Address

Calvary Lubbock is located at 5301 82nd St., Lubbock, TX 79424